Building Department

Due to Covid-19 the Building Department counter service is open Wednesdays by appointment only until further notice.

Please call to make an appointment: 209-245-6941

John Peabody

City Building Official

How to obtain a Building Permit

1. Submit the completed applications part l & ll and the completed Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Affidavit if applicable. (See forms below)

2. Submit 2 sets of plans and if the project includes a structure, provide one extra floor plan. Plans shall conform to the 2019 editions of the CBC, CRC, CEC, CPC, CMC, CGC, CFC, Title24 compliance report and the City of Plymouth Municipal Code. The plans shall be accompanied by 2 sets of supporting documentation where applicable. (Truss calculations, structural engineering and Title 24 reports etc. where applicable)

3. At submittal, pay the plan check fee which is 65% of the Building Permit Fee. Contact the building department for help determining your project valuation. The building department will inform you of the fee amount.

4. The plans will be first reviewed by the Planning Department for compliance with the City of Plymouth Municipal Codes (Zoning and Set Backs etc.). Some fees may be required by the Planning Department for their review process. Please refer to the Planning Section. Once the project is approved by the Planning Department, the plans will be checked by the Building Department for code compliance. Once the plan submittal has been determined to be complete and in conformance with above mentioned codes, the building permit will be available for issuance.

5. The Building Permit fees shall include:

  • The building permit fee which is based on the project valuation.
  • The plan check fee which is 65% of the building permit fee.
  • The Strong Motion Instrumentation and Seismic Hazard Mapping fee (“earthquake fee”) which is .00013 X the valuation for 1 to 3 story residential projects and .00028 X the valuation for over 3 story residential and all commercial projects).
  • The BSC fee from SB 1473 (Calderon) which is $1.00 for every $25,000 or fraction thereof the project valuation.(>leginfo>sb_1451-1500)
  • Other fees may be applicable prior to the building permit issuance such as, but not limited to, School impact fees, Traffic Mitigation fees, Parks and Recreation fees, Water fees, Sewer fees etc.