City Manager

Margaret S. Roberts,
City Manager 
209-245-6941 ext. 257

















The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and is responsible for implementing and carrying out the policies of the Council. As the chief executive officer of the City, the City Manager supervises operations, directs departments and services, and enforces the laws and policies as adopted by the City Council.


The City Manager’s Office coordinates:

  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Public Affairs and City Commerce


The office of the City Manager is the primary contact for providing current information to the public, the media, and City employees.


Human Resources


Human Resources is responsible for recruitment and selection, classification and compensation, risk management, benefits administration, and workforce training and development. The mission of the Human Resources Department is to deliver exceptional service and support to the organization. Our goal is to attract, motivate and retain the best qualified employees whose diversity and skills contribute to and sustain the City as a quality organization.