Plymouth Pop-Up Plaza

Temporary Retail is the perfect way to test the location and products before you commit to a fulltime retail space.

Renting a Pop-Up in the Plymouth Pop-Up Plaza will give you an instant place to sell your merchandise and test the market.  You get to design your experience and create an attractive retail space for your customers. We look forward to working with you!

Plymouth Pop-Up Plaza - FAQ's

Who do I contact to rent or renew a Pop-Up?
Please call 209-245-6941 Ext. 254

What are the hours of operation?
11:00 am to dusk or reasonable hour. You must be open at least Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Who do I call after hours or on the weekend if there is an issue with the building?
The Public Works On-Call Person at 209-245-6941.

What kind of signage can I use?
You can use your own Signage up to 11×17. Other acceptable signage will be flags and A-Frames but must be
approved prior.

What are the dimensions inside?
1) 10 feet x 12 feet with porch.  2) 8 feet x 12 with porch.

How much space can I use in front of building?
Reasonable space, mainly in front of your area.

Can I get my money back if I decide to quit selling after I have paid for the Pop-Up rental?
No refund of unused rental fees.

Can the City terminate my agreement?
The City reserves the right to terminate the agreement if you fail to open as required or have products that were
not identified prior to opening. Criminal activity and other potential issues that are considered a negative to the
site and operations will also be cause for termination.

Will public WIFI will be available?

Will there be access to a bathroom?
You will receive a key to the public bathrooms.

Can I put up an awning?

Can I play music?
Maybe with prior approval.  The Wi-Fi will Bluetooth to speakers.

Can I share my space with someone?
They must meet our same reviews. This will be reviewed case by case regarding the legal requirements.

Can I use a generator?
No generators.


  • City of Plymouth Business License.


  • City of Plymouth PPP Application Form
  • Provide a Resale number from the State of California. If you do not have a resale number please visit:

Plymouth Pop-Up Plaza Request for Lease of Space

If you are interested in leasing a Pop-Up please contact with questions.

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Space #1

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Space #2

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Space #3

Please view PPP calendar for possible rental availability.

Contact dknight@
with questions.