Zinfandel Ridge CFD, California

Zinfandel Ridge is located in the rolling hills of Plymouth, California in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

The Zinfandel Community Facilities District of CFD was formed in 2016 as part of the Development Agreement between the Developer, Zinfandel Development LLC and the City of Plymouth.  In the CFD it calls for the property owners to pay special taxes.

There are two main items in the CFD:

PUBLIC SAFETY: Specifies a tax of $500 per year per home and $50 per lot without a  home or undeveloped parcel.  The amount is to be adjusted per the Consumer Price Index. It is up to the City to allocate the revenue amount police, fire and administration and any other public safety needs.

OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE: Specifies the various facilities to be maintained by the operations and maintenance tax (O&M) Tax).  This includes the roadways and virtually all the public improvements for the project excluding water and sewer (since those are covered in the utility rates), “offsite” improvements such as the future community park and other improvements included in the City’s impact fee program and the portion of Zinfandel Parkway across the Greilich property after that property is developed.  The annual amount, including an allowance for replacement, as well as City administrative costs, has been calculated at $1028.26 per home, $257.06 per lot without a home and $0 per vacant parcel.

There is no tax on open space parcels nor any City parcels, such as future neighborhood parks to be built within the project.