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TOT Grant Program Application Information


The TOT Grant program was established to support local events, program projects or initiatives (“activities”) which benefit the City of Plymouth, and its residential and business communities by increasing tourism, promoting town awareness or encouraging economic development. Maximum grant request $5.000 per application. (Requests for Grants over $5,000 will go directly to City Council) In order to apply for TOT funds, Applicants must adhere to the following:

• The activity must benefit the community of Plymouth.

• The City Council reserves the right to expand the service area for a specific grant if it can be demonstrated that it will provide a direct benefit to the community of Plymouth.

• The activity cannot be a social service activity, such as transitional housing, job placement, and crisis intervention programs.

• The activity cannot be in violation of local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

• The activity adds a positive effect regenerating TOT within the City of Plymouth.

• The Applicant must identify all required permits and insurance, including those required by the City.

• Failure to submit a timely or complete application shall remove applicant from funding consideration.

• Applicant should be prepared to provide close out documentation.


Although the Applicant may be eligible to apply for funding, the City does not guarantee that the Applicant will receive funding.