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Plymouth Business Assistance Program


City of Plymouth Business Forgivable Loan Program

On April 23, 2020 Plymouth’s City Council voted to authorize the Mayor, acting as the Emergency Services Director to provide forgivable loans up to five thousand dollars to our local business community.   These loans will be dispersed from our Community Development Block Grants and will have very specific terms and conditions.   Applicants must compete the following application to be considered.  These funds will be disbursed until exhausted or available until May 30th whichever is first.  The terms of the loan are each business who is awarded the funds must remain in business for 1 year after the loan is awarded. At that point the loan funds may be forgiven. If the business closes or fails to maintain at least one employee the loan must be repaid in full without interest within 1 year of the closing of the business.   A promissory note will be required at the time of the award stipulating these conditions.   If you should have any questions contact the City of Plymouth.

Mayor Keith White, Director of Emergency Services.

Rex Osborn, City Manager 209-245-6941 – Ext: 257