Places to eat in Plymouth

Come & Enjoy

Whether you are in the mood for delicious All American diner food or are looking to have a four-star dining experience, Plymouth is the place to get it.  We have several eating establishments that offer a variety of delicious meals depending on what you are craving.  The City of Plymouth is just 40 minutes from Sacramento and a great place to stop if you are traveling to the wineries in Shenandoah Valley, Tahoe or beyond.  So, get out of the house, take a beautiful relaxing drive and come discover a hidden away gem in the foothills of Amador County.



Local Food Options

Plymouth has a variety of choices to offer for breakfast, lunch and dinner as you can see below.   

We also have a great deli in the Pokerville Market, a wonderful café in the 49er Village RV Park, and various food trucks at Amador Brewing Company.

Colina De Oro Food

Colina de Oro

17810 Hwy 49
Plymouth, Ca 95669

Donut Street Cafe Donuts

Donut Street Cafe

17830 Hwy 49
Plymouth, Ca 95669

"Taste" Food

Fig Barn, Inc (Coffee Cafe)

9506 Main Street
Plymouth, Ca 95669

Marlene & Glen's Diner Food

Marlene & Glen's Diner

18726 HWY 49
Plymouth, Ca 95669

Plymouth Hotel and Kitchen Bar Food

Plymouth Hotel Kitchen & Bar

9356 Main Street
Plymouth, Ca 95669

"Taste" Food


9402 Main Street
Plymouth, Ca 95669

"Taste" Food

Tin Roof

9414 Main Street
Plymouth, Ca 95669

We look forward to seeing you!